Friday, November 23, 2007

NOW AVAILABLE: hip hop is not dead, but sleepeth

My first chapbook is now out, and it's been receiving favorable responses in the underground. Brothers and sisters like myself who represent hip hop music and culture are confronting introspective questions and major crossroads in our day (I know we may say, "What else is new?"), but I say that it's time for resurrection. Check out these twelve hard-hitting flows encouraging you to chuckle, think and maybe (just maybe) find life in the midst of death.

1) probably sucks (all is vanity)
2) paper cuts
3) steal away
4) better
5) freedom (inspired by umar bin hassan)
6) red, black and green
7) why I wouldn't last in a poetry slam
8) coward
9) java house notes
10) priorities
11) think twice
12) ways of the world

Drop me an email today to learn how to receive your copy.

If you want to see a revolution, then look in the mirror.

Peace (John 14:27).